Friday, August 22, 2008

corn zipper

My family has issues with eating corn on the cob.....and I think I started it....ever since I had my braces in the 8th grade I've been cutting my corn off the cob and eating it with a fork...when the kiddos were little it just made it easier to cut theirs off too...I would have to walk around the table and cut everyone's off....well, a few years ago a friend happened to tell me about how she cooks her corn on the cob....and we've been doing it ever since!!!.....she told me to cut it all off the cob before it's cooked...doing it in a big casserole dish keeps it from going all over .... then saute it with a few tablespoons of butter in a skillet for 6 or 7 minutes....voila! mess!.....and even my Dad, the die-hard corn on the cob eater, does it this way now....well on a recent trip here he told me about the corn zipper he had seen in a magazine and thought we would both love's a zippy little tool that is like a razor to shave the corn.....we hopped on ebay that night and found it....I ordered one to try it out and it makes the whole process even easier!!!!....a new treat for the kitchen!

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marzipanmom said...

I've seen that tool in the store but never knew how well it worked. It makes sense to take the corn off the cob - then you get buttery goodness covering every kernel instead of the butter dripping off onto your plate after you've just made a mess trying to get the butter on the cob in the first place! Do you get your corn from Deener's?