Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It is inevitable that I should write about anyone who knows me....I am fuelperk CRAZY!!!!!!!! family is officially sick of me relating everything we eat, buy or do around how we can manage to get fuelperks!.......I think about them almost every day.....when I drive by the gas stations and keep track of the cost of a gallon of makes me think of how many cents off a gallon I have and how much more I need to get a free tank...I went so far as to get a red five gallon tank to take with me when I get my free tank because you are entitiled to thirty gallons of free gas when you fill up and my van only ever takes about I am leaving at least ten gallons behind every time.....well, not any I have plenty for the lawnmower too! and I think nothing of announcing to all of my family and friends that they should stop and get gift cards for their purchases as well.....I always manage to bark the question, "Did you get your fuelperks for that?" when someone mentions a new t.v. or home improvement project they just did.....I immediatley think...Best Buy and Home Depot gift cards.....I want everyone to be getting their full amount of fuelperks too.....and especially when it's DOUBLE FUELPERKS!!!.......20 cents off a gallon! kills me when my husband and kids come home with purchases from Dicks and I KNOW they didn't get the fuelperks.....and even my very treasured laptop....when they gave it to me for Mothers Day...right after I said thank you and you shouldn't have ... my very next words were "Tell me you got fuelperks for this, right?"......well, they didn't and I think of it almost every time I turn it on!.....I may need expensive therapy if I keep this up!!!!


Joy Beadworks said...

Thanks for the reminder....I seriously never go to Giant Eagle. Maybe once school starts I will have buckets of time....(Allow me to dream, will you!)

Jennifer Juniper said...

I just filled my tank that was on empty for $6 with my perks!!! It would have cost me about $65

Barbara said...

You may kill me for asking but what are fuelperks?