Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Ebay......I love it and hate it!!!!!.......I am the very first to say that I have no skills on the computer what so ever.....but ebay is one of them!!!! husband set up the account several years ago (hence the silly name of ekim96 ....his name backwards!!!).....and started selling stuff.......I browsed around a bit and saw that the possibities were endless!!!....I'd have him help me list some things here and there....and when Cubby was a baby and taking two naps a day,I started getting into it....selling all of the wonderful baby gap and hartstrings clothes he was growing out of .....I got busy and closed up shop....and then last year I got into it full blast!!!.....I wanted christmas shopping money and this was the best part time job I could think of!!!.....I didn't need baby sitting....and I could work in the middle of the night if I wanted too!!! I got a little routine down....on Wednesdays when I do my cleaning I rustle up my inventory....Fridays I take the pictures and load them into the computer and then Sundays I do my listing......even my Mom has helped me out immensely by sending all of her cast offs to me from Florida.....gorgeous things.....many with tags still on them!!!!....I keep a notebook of where I send far I'm up to 34 different states and 7 countries world wide!!!.....for the most part I love getting things out the door and clearing the clutter.....and getting money for stuff that don't fit or the kids don't play with.....I love my "mad money"....( however I need help on changing the password to my paypal family keeps raiding it!!!).....but when I get those crabby customers who feel the need to leave negative feedback to the world without contacting me first so I can try and help to work it out .....I take it very much to heart!!!......then I say I'm quitting ebay!!!.....but a few days later I'm on there looking for something .....and I start all over again!!! husband got me my laptop so I can do my ebay in our guest room.....I love it!!!!! you can see from the collection on the bed, I had the kids go through their closets last week and we are overloaded with inventory!!!!......lots of treats to be sold!!!...I look at almost everything in my house as rental property!!!....anything has the potential to be sold!!!...I am fanatical about saving the original box and manual too...comes in handy when I list when some asks me if I work....I usually say I'm retired from the airlines.....and now I sell crap on ebay!!!......I know my parents are still cringing from the lack of use I have put to my very expensive college education.....but I do think I will do something with it someday!!!!

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Joy Beadworks said...

Oh, How I love and sing the praises of Ebay! Get the clutter out is my motto! I don't want to move it, organize it, clean around it anymore...I just want to put it on Ebay and away it goes! Magical in some ways.