Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Farm Stand

Another fabulous trip home to Buffalo....855 Luther Rd....East Aurora to be exact!!!....terrific weather, awesome chicken wings, Mighty Taco, Bison chip dip and lots of fun activities......quads, fishing, rafts on the pond, a trip to Build A Bear Workshop (where best friends are made!) for Gigi's fourth birthday, filling up the numerous bird feeders, a trip to the Hobby shop and we got my Dad up and running on Craigslist to clear the clutter in his garage and basement.....what a success!!!.....he sold almost everything in one day!...Mission style dining room set, sideboard, coffee and end tables, recliner and ottoman and lots of tv's!!....I think he was suprised to see how easy it was.....next is the Harley parts and accessory stash!!....growing up, at the end of my street was a lady, Mrs. Kester, who grew gladiolas and sold them on the honor system out of buckets....my mom would send me up to pick some out....she'd always have fresh flowers of some kind....and on our way home yesterday we passed this farm stand on Michael Rd....I've never stopped before yesterday, but I saw their glads and turned around to go get some...my mom gave me a pretty, tall vase for glads years ago and I haven't used it in forever....you don't see them so much in this area....I've watched this stand expand over the years, it started out with just bird and bat houses...then slowly adding produce and parking signs!!......I always like to stop at farm stands...to look around and pick out some fresh treats to bring home....they reflect the past ,when times were simpler....and I am envious of the results of the array of produce, knowing I could never create that kind of beauty.....thankfully there are people who can!!!


marzipanmom said...

Great-looking farm stand - I wholly support eating local whenever possible and supporting the local farmers. Take it from me - it's not easy to grow stuff successfully - I give those people who can a lot of credit! I used to have a neighbor who grew gladiolas - they're gorgeous!

Joy Beadworks said...

Thanks for the local farm support! I used to spend time in the summer "manning" the sweet corn stand that we had.