Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Okay you guys......thank goodness I am typing this because I am TOTALLY hoarse right now!! As many of you may know I am totally in llllloooovee with BRUCE!!! And tonight he came to see me!! I know I shouldn't have.....but I sneaked Cindy Lou's little pink camera into the show and got a few shots of the evening....Scooter snapped this one of Chip and keep in mind this is a tiny little pink camera! Scooter, Lucy, Chip and I have been to about the last 4 concerts together.....loving every minute! Tbox and her hubby drove me in to the city and we all shared a few drinky-poo's at the Super Bowl before heading over for one of the best concerts EVER!

He started rockin' the evening with Badlands!!! The crowd is wild!!!!!! And we have KILLER seats!!!!!!!!!!! One row off of the stage! I was sooooooo excited when the usher settled us in!!

We loved the Stump the Band part of the show where he collects signs from the crowd and plays what the crowd requests. I can't believe he's going to be 60!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He doesn't stop!!!! Of course we all miss Danny Federici and Patty too...but the night couldn't be better!

Tbox.......I think I see you guys!!!!!!!!

At the end of the night I always get teary eyed, wondering if this is going to be the last time he's going to be on tour.......the last time I may see him live. Some people may not comprehend how I feel the way I do about him...I can't explain it...I think I was born with an extra gene or something....but Chip and I do want to take the kiddos next time...they have to feel this too. These moments I share with him are some of the best of my life.....thank you Bruce.


mom of 4 boys! said...

Very cool!! Looks like an awesome night!!!

Joy Beadworks said...

What a great time! You look so excited!