Saturday, May 30, 2009


Yeah!!!!! The evening of the smackdown was finally here!!!!!! We soul sisters have had our calendars marked for weeks for this big event! We were heading out on the town. Ms. Joy invited us all to a big Italian "throwdown" at Enrico's down in the strip district...well in all of our planning and excitement it morphed into the "smackdown"...which is how it was entered on my blackberry's daytimer. It just happened to coincide with the eve of my birthday! Bonus for me!!!! While I was getting ready for the evening I was thinking surely they won't be having me wear the tiara and pink feather boa we had for Ms. Juniper...we were going out in public!....Nope, they didn't......instead Ms. Joy arrived in front of my house in a decorated cupcake mobile!! Especially for me!!!!!!!! It was crazy!!! She even had the inside decked out in pink cupcake birthday streamers!! I just couldn't believe it! And for real, this picture doesn't do the mobile justice!!! There were cupcakes and swirls ALL the way around ALL of the windows! REALLY!!!

On the way into town Ms. Juniper had us laughing and playing a fun little girls night out questions game...lots of fun!!! We arrived at Enrico's a bit late because of the excitement of the cupcake mobile at each stop as we picked up a sister......we had to take a lot of pictures too!! The smackdown had already started....there is a big long table with other guests who had reserved their seats and they were started on the appetiziers, but we all just shimmied our way into our seats and got the party started.

After the champagne was poured the presents started! I just have to say AGAIN how blessed I am to have such truly talented and fabulous soul sisters!!!! Check out the super duper cute stuff!!! Marzipanmom outdid even her own self with these scrum.dilly.icious cupcakes.....I got goosebumps twice while she explained them to me!!!

Ms. Juniper painted me my very own Hopestudios original that was hot off the press that very afternoon....I saw the tweet about 3 pm that she had just finished up! :) ...also darling shrinky dink cupcake charms and book mark for a book she set aside for me from the book exchange party I had to miss...

Girl in the sticks picked right up on the fact that I wanted a jar of her hot pepper jelly and shared her last jar with me....I CAN'T wait to try it....and I need the recipe too!!! We are all thrilled she has entered blogdom with us....please be sure to check her out at girl in the sticks.

And look at this lovely bauble that came from Ms. Joy! My very own cupcake ring!! A girl couldn't be happier!!!!!!!

Here we all are with Enrico.......I think he really enjoyed having us for the evening....from left to right are Girl in the sticks, Ms. Joy, thetreatgirl, Jennifer Juniper and Marzipanmom.

Oh......and here's one last picture of me doing the rapper version of how old I really had to be there and see it person...I do it with a lot of attitude!! :)We managed to fit a quick stop for martinis in on the way home with a lot more fun stories and a lot of laughs... Well, there you have it, the lowdown on the smackdown!! I have been glowing all day......and last night I told the sisters Chip was reaaaalllly off the hook this year! The evening with them made my whole year! Thank you sisters from the bottom of my heart!


Joy Beadworks said...

It's easy to do fun things for fun friends!

marzipanmom said...

That was the most fun I've had in a long time! I'm so glad we've started this new tradition...although I'm not sure how we top the "smackdown night"! Happy Birthday!

girlinthesticks said...

It was a total blast...can't wait until the next time!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Happy happy birthday!!! I have my smackdown post scheduled for be on the lookout!

mom of 4 boys! said...

Happy birthday !! Glad you had fun wih your friends!