Sunday, May 3, 2009

rainy day

We've been having our share of rain here. So this morning I thought we'd do some fun things without having the t.v. on. It was a nice morning of being together, in the rain, in our jammies!! Our first activity was sorting buttons.I have a big, big colleciton down in my craft playground, so we brought them out and got sorting. This can keep a kiddo busy for a loooong time....there are a lot of different ways to sort them and he tried a bunch!

Look what we found in our button collection...3 religious medals, tokens to the games at a local restaurant, some paper clips and screws, a couple of keys (I have NO idea where these came from. I held them in my hand and tried to imagine what they could open.....) and even a random thingy to hold and ace bandage together.

I'm on a mission to teach Cubby to tie his shoes before he goes to kindergarten in the fall, so I made him a little practice board to help him along.......

We busted out the viewmaster that we forgot was in the van.

....and the assorted collection of discs.

Then Cubby turned into Picasso!! He lllooooovves to paint...ANYTHING! A day to paint makes him sooo happy.

We added the paintings to his gallery up in his room. I punched some holes in the paper plates he painted so he could hang them up. We had no plans to do any of this when we got up this rainy day... I love when days just "happen".

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Joy Beadworks said...

I need a good rainy play day.