Saturday, May 2, 2009

ready, set, GOOOOOO!!!

It's here!!!!! D-day!!!!!! The day we head to Disney!! Cubby and I have been the most excited for the past week....with the older ones catching up fast the past day or two. What better way to start the day than to sugar up with these Mickey Mouse donuts!!!....thanks for the idea Ms. Juniper!! :) Just put them together with toothpicks!

Of course every morning at 8:30 we're tuned in to one of Cubby's favorite shows....Mickey Mouse Clubhouse....perfect to set the mood!

And look who else is ready to go....PUP!!! She even has her "ears"!!

A few treats to keep Cubby happy on the flight...hopefully keeping the how-long-til-we-get-there's to a minimum...everything from the Dollar Tree. Cindy Lou printed some clip art off the computer to color.

Look at this pile of stuff!!!!!!!! Every vacay I say I'm going to take less...but it seems the earlier I start laying stuff out, the more I throw on the pile! And look T. , I even brought my exercise band with me! Hoping to get a little something in while I'm gone!! :)

Here is that same pile packed all nice and neat into these terrific zipper bags from Eagle Creek. My sister is hooked on these with all of her international travel. She treated me to a set and I lllooove them!! Everything is all neat and organized. No digging for stuff.

Our bags are packed we're ready to go!!!!! Of course I'll have the the vacay recap when we get back...but until then check back....I have some fun stuff lined up for the well as my almost famous "What is it?? Wednesday?!!"