Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I didn't forget!!!!

I didn't forget about filling you on our fabulous trip to Disney....I just have to start off by saying I took 499 pictures!!!!!!!!! I llloooovvvee my digital camera!!! I just kept snapping and that said, this is the most pictures I have EVER included in a post. This is your warning.....if you want to skip seeing the low down on my trip stop back another time....if not, feel free to scroll fast!! I just couldn't help myself!! goes!! This is our first vacation with my cousin Gerberagirl, her husband The Trooper and their little girl Tish. We had TERRIFIC weather....sunny and hot....every day in the 90's....maybe just a little too hot....but that just made swimming much more fun. Our place had two awesome pools.....the kiddos loved all of the slides and activities.

We spent an evening at Downtown Disney....the kids all knew they wanted to have dinner and shop there for a bit before we even left....Grampsy had given them some spending "cash" before they left. We browsed in a lot of the "knick knack" shops as Cubby called them....and he didn't want to miss one!!! He was on a mission for Disney pins and to collect all of his "friends"....little stuffed animals from one of his favorite shows Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Here Cubby scored on the top two friends he wanted Chip and Dale......which by coincindence is what I call my husband and his brothers name is Dale!! And why do I like to have my kids try on all of those silly hats and take their picture???

The first park we visited was Animal Kingdom. Everest was The Trooper and Gerberagirls favorite ride....of course I don't do any rollercoasters or barely ANY rides for that matter, so I took Cubby and Tish for an ice cream while they rode.....

We took the little ones in to see Nemo, The Musical. I'd have to say it was one of my favorite things of the week. Really cool!!!!...and I can't believe what great pictures my camera took in the dark!

These money sucking games annoy the daylights out of me!!!!!! And of course Chip lets the kids play them until he is out of cash or they win the prize they want....whichever comes first!

We stopped and posed for a family pic in the 94 degree heat...smiles everyone! :) We fininshed off our day by watching The Lion King and taking the safari. Both were great. Tish and Cubby were not impressed with the animals......just the big pile of ostrich eggs they saw ????

We spent a day swimming and playing putt putt at our hotel......then Cubby and I went to Magic Kingdom with The Trooper, Gerberagirl, Tish and The Trooper's sister TeeTee. Of course we had to pause for a picture on Main St. in front of the Castle....doesn't everyone??

Tish's favortie thing of the day was Minnie's house......and if I were 4 years old I would have picked that too! It is sooooo adorable! Purple and pink and lots of hearts. We both wanted to move in. The Trooper better do a great job on that playhouse he's building in their back yard...

I couldn't resist sharing Cubby hugging this huge took all I had to get him to put him back on the shelf....but I did get a cute picture.

The morning parade was adorable....the characters didn't look like they were melting too badly in those big costumes yet.

Cubby's favorite ride was the Haunted Mansion. He loves how the ghosts appear in your cart as you ride by.

Now, for this parade we were sweating our buns off and I'm sure the people in those costumes were too.....but with those smiles stuck on their faces like that they always look so happy!

Now here is my favorite ride......Dumbo! And even on this or two more times around and I would have been queesy.

.....don't give up .....I'm almost done here.....just a few more!! :)

How 'bout these earrings???? They are my oringinal ones from my very first trip to Disney in the 7th grade! I wonder how much they cost way back then????

The fireworks were spectacular....we had a great spot to watch. The castle changes colors and each one was prettier than the next. I think I took 30 pictures just of the fireworks!

Our last park to visit was Hollywood Studios. It was a sweltering day and we didn't get to do everything we wanted to....but Cub got a few autographs.....

....and Chip, Cindy Lou and T. voted the Rockin' Rollercoaster their favorite ride!! Thank goodness for fast passes.

We spent our last day at the pool. It was 96 degrees and Orlando set a heat record...REALLY!! But we didn't mind.....we zipped down the slide, had frozen drinks and popsicles all day. My other cousin and his family joined us for the fun too.

You made it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's the last picture I took.....I couldn't resist one last one in the airport with Mickey....and if I knew I was at 499 I would have taken ONE more to make it an even 500!!! I'm still glowing about how nice our trip was....I'm wondering if I'll ever be back.....I don't think the older two are interested in a return trip. But perhaps Cub and I may make it back with Tish if they go again someday. I did treat myself to a few tshirts and other trinkets as sentimental souvenirs just in case.....


beth said...

great pictures! i so want to take my kiddies next year. hopefully we will be able to!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I miss that pool!

GerberaGirl said...

The pictures are awesome!!! I am so sad...I totally miss Florida and vacationing with you,Chip and the kids!!!!

Anonymous said...

You rock girlfriend!!! Thanks for being such an amazing person.