Friday, May 15, 2009

a few more treats for me

Well...I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the hand made cards and gifts the kiddos used to surprise me with on Mother's Day. The whole day I was wondering if maybe they were up in their rooms working on something for me......but nope...they were just watching Spongebob. Well, I forgot that Cubby missed the week of preschool before the Mother's Day because we were in Disney. Yesterday he brought home a truly wonderful treat for me...A card and stand that he made. I lllloooovvve it!!!!

As you can see....his answers to the questions are perfect!!! Except for maybe the pie one......Marzipanmom hasn't given me my pie lesson yet....I think he's referring to the pumpkin pie we had last Thanksgiving that came from the bakery!! :)

But wait!!!!!! There's more!!!!!! I must have really gone on about how I loved my treats, because he dissappeared for a bit and showed back up with one more for me! Can you see the half a roll of tape he used to close the "gift box" ???

What mom can't use a few erasers, a pencil grip,a dried up mini marker and a pretty new bracelet!!! So just when I thought the wonderful years of "handmade with love" gifts were over...Cubby stepped up to the plate and made my day beautiful!! Thank you so, so much Cubba Wubba!! I love you!!


beth said...

too cute! i love that he "wrapped" it up in a gift box for you!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I could TOTALLY use a dried up mini marker right now ;)