Tuesday, May 19, 2009

cupcakes for your garden

Okay. How stinkin' cute is this cupcake????!!!!! A big shout out to the Whimsy-girl for the inspiration. It all started yesterday when Cub got a little tiny gardening trowel in his happy meal and he wanted to plant something.......I've put together a little tutorial if you'd like to do a one, or bunch! for yourself!!

Gather up some potting soil, a few pots and saucers...shorter ones look more like cupcake liners when they are done....some paints....I used acrylics...or you could use spray paint.....clear spray sealant, wooden dowel rods and wooden balls, and some plants with little flowers and brushes.

First paint the pot and the saucer. Let them dry....oh, paint the whole saucer....I didn't, thinking the pot would cover it up and then I had to go back over it. :(

Then stick the dowel rod into the little ball to make the cherry....I was lucky that mine fit perfectly and I didn't even use wood glue. Paint it red.

Then take some brown paint to make the lines on the pot so it looks like a cupcake liner.

Spray all of that with your clear spray so hopefully the paint job will last longer!!! Spray the inside too!

Then you're ready to plant! Cubby loves this part! I chose alyssum so that the little white flowers would look like sprinkles!!! Now measure your "cherry" and cut it down to size if need be....

Voila!!!!! Pretty little cupcakes!!!!!!!!!


Taiya said...

Very Sweet! Those would look great in front of my house. Hmmm....

Jennifer Juniper said...

I loved that tutorial she posted, too! Isn't she the best?