Monday, December 21, 2009

It's A Wonderful Life

Tonight is the night I'm settling in to watch my most favorite movie.....It's A Wonderful Life....I watch it every year without fail....It just isn't Christmas unless I do!

So picture me with just the glow of the tree and sipping a mug of hot Christmas tea.


OpaqueSkies said...

This is a big family tradition for us, too.

It was my Dad's fav movie, and every year he shed tears at the end. Now that he's gone, it adds extra special meaning to watch.

Wendy said...

Hope you have a wonderful and cozy night! And a few other things... we're not from Pitt, just crazy ~ we're midwesterners (say that 3 times fast), but lucky us heading to the Steelers-Raven's game Sunday! Grandma and Grandpa are coming to watch the kiddos! Yeah! Hopefully the weather cooperates :) And what a GREAT idea for Sassy's note! It's a keeper for sure!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is a grand way to celebrate Solstice!