Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Soul Sisters Celebrate Christmas

The Soul Sisters celebrated Christmas this week....We had to re-schedule a few times...but us Sisters couldn't let Christmas slip past without celebrating with each other...Here we all are...and a big THANK YOU to Ms. Joy for sharing her super cute picture of us...the Treatgirl didn't bring her camera :( Anywho...last month we decided to have an ornament exchange...homemade of course!!! We like to do this kind of thing....but I have to say, I must have made ump-teen trips to Michaels and Joannes and I wasn't THAT pleased with my results....

We took this picture on our weekend away in November...and it just cried, "Christmas ornament" to me!...well, it did for a few other sisters too :)

Ms. Joy over at Joybeadworks crafted the MOST EXQUISTE little bird houses for us....complete with tiny glittered pinecones along the bottom. I may just have to find a spot for it for the rest of the's too pretty to pack away next week :)

Our very own Girl in the Sticks was sooooo sick last week, but her creativity must have been clicking away while she was having chicken noodle soup, because look at this!!!! She printed our picture on the back of glittery paper and created this amazing ornament.

Look at Frosty!!! Jennifer Juniper teased us all week by announcing she linked up to a linky party with our ornaments....but didn't want us to look!! She made this cutie patootie out of a light bulb!!! Isn't he the cuteset??????

Marzipan had no issues with her idea....she used to make these as a little girl with christmas cards....but she embellished ours with pictures from our year of fun! FAB.U.LOUS!!!!!!

I included a little something extra in my treat bag for the girls....I saw this on a blog over the summer and switched it up a bit....just printed out 365 little slips of paper with things to make you happy...each day you can pick one out and smile. Merry Christmas Soul Sisters......You're the best!!!!!


Jennifer Juniper said...

I can't wait to start a year of happiness on Jan. 1!

marzipanmom said...

I hope you included soul sisters gatherings as one of the items! They always make me happy! Happy New Year!

Joy Beadworks said...

Here's to another year of fyn!